Posted on August 8, 2019

Luxe Magazine: Latest Design Trends

Press, by La Guardia Design

LUXE march april 2019 Copy

"A garden is a manifestation of its creator, reflecting one's personality and passions. Just like how architectural elements, such as coffered ceilings or moldings, are added to interiors to reflect and owner's style the same attention to detail should be given to exterior spaces. Components of outdoor architecture--walls, paths, pergolas, gates, lighting, furnishings, waterworks and art-together form the backbone of a well-designed estate. whether your preferred aesthetic is a well-kept topiary garden using traditional plantings or a free spirited melange of natural flora, there are various structural elements--fabricated and organized--that contribute to properly planned greenery. Exuberant or contemplative, these spaces prove that inspiring architecture extends well beyond the walls of the home and into the great outdoors."